Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ribwarmer Done and it's Spring

It took so long for me to finish this. Now it's too warm for me to wear the Elizabeth Zimmermann's Ribwarmer.

Knitted in my Corriedale handspun. I used the I-cord edging for the whole thing. It was fun and I like how it looks. But I wish I made the whole thing a bit smaller for a better fit. This was the first time for me to knit a piece entirely in garter stitches, but boy it was tiring... Come to think of it I love purling so I probably shouldn't be choosing garter stitch patterns.

I have not decided on a button -- the one in the picture on the top is a brooch.

This is the biggest piece I knitted using my handspun yarn. It wasn't easy to have enough yarn that has the same twist, ply and weight... It was harder than I thought it would be!

Yes, the spring is here in Northern California.
It's time for a little break and sunshine. It would be good for you and me.

I'm thinking about taking a couple hours off tomorrow and sit under my cherry tree and admire it like a fool. I wonder if I had any sake in the kitchen?

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Lizzy said...

Lovely girlfriend! I love your finished knitted piece and love the reminder we are in spring!!