Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ways to Decompress

It's been stressful at work. Just way too much to do, and this is going to get worse until the release date in May. Yick.

Gardening is one way to decompress. I've been watching the new veggie patch every day, and now I see tiny sprouts -- they are carrots (lots), Japanese indigo (just a couple) and pumpkins (that I didn't plant). Pumpkins a good surprise whenever I use the soil from the compost.
Oh, by the way, would anyone like to try sowing some J. indigo? I have quite a lot of seeds still left, but not much land left to grow. It's annual, and non-invasive.

Spinning is another way to decompress. Can you guess what this fiber is?

I just read a post about spinning cotton on one of my Japanese daily reads, and -- call me crazy! -- when I opened the new bottle of kids' vitamins for my son, I couldn't resist to try with that wad of cotton balls that came out. I had great fun. It wasn't as difficult as I had thought. The spun cotton smells like grape jelly!

And little critters. We lost our cat over a year ago, and aside some walking stick bugs, we remained pet-less. Mitch had been asking for "sumping (something) furry", and we landed on little mice. As we started announcing our new family additions, I realized that many people are squirmish about mice (which I don't really get; to me little mice are cuter than hamsters!), so I hope I don't scare you away, but here they are;

This is Harry Potter. Mitch named him of course.

And here's Algernon Flowers. I bribed Mitch for the naming right for this little cute guy. They are just a little bigger than the length of my thumb, and they are actually female, but Mitch doesn't know that. Algernon is quite fuzzy and his fur is a bit longer than Harry's. When I commented on it, Charlie said; "no, you may not spin Algernon."

I used to have a little mouse when I was a little older than Mitch, and I really enjoyed having him, so I hope that he'll remember fondly of these critters.

And of course, Knit Night Friday.

The boys enjoyed playing together, as we knit and chatted. I finally went past the first three rows of Citrus York! Yeah for that, but I am not sure this is going to be wearable -- this is a top-down sweater, but the neck opening looks a bit small for my big head. I will try that out when I progress a bit more on the york.


Erin said... picture of the special something you left on my doorknob? Too bad! Would have been fun to embarrass Josh with! The mice are very cute.

Stefaneener said...

We had cute little mice, but then they started biting and seemed much less cute. . . the cotton is way cool. I look speculatively around the house and find myself twisting cat hair fluff meditatively. Like I don't have pounds and pounds of traditional fur-bearing beasts' clip lying around.

Oh, good, someone's gardening! I have just relied on volunteers and perennials because the dratted chickens keep getting out. But yeah, if you're giving, I'd love some seeds. How do you grow them? Let me know.