Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Because We Have So Little Time

I was working and watching TV peripherally, as usual, last night -- instead of knitting. I don't remember the name of the program, but I think it was on ABC -- "What would you do?" was the theme; a young actor is sitting on the ground in a park, uncontrollably sobbing. Several "test subjects" will walk by him on a path. Some just walk on, and some stop to offer help.

The biggest contributor in deciding whether to stop or press on was the time. Some were told to hurry to get to a meeting at point A; some didn't get that time pressure. Many in the "Group Rushed" didn't stop to help. Many who weren't pressed on time stopped.

It made me think. We are always so rush-rush. We have early morning meetings. We have deadlines. We got appointments. Bath. Bedtime. Business trips. What am I going to pack for lunch tomorrow?

Our son's morning dilly-dallyness is helpless. I'm sure what he hears every morning from us have become such an annoyance for him. And by rushing him so much every morning, are we making him not see what's important or what's right? And what about us?

I think that's one of the reasons why I love knitting and spinning. Rushing doesn't work. I take the time and repeat it over and over. Stop and admire what I have accomplished. Don't you just wish that's the way we lived our lives?

I tell myself that we should take a deep breath and slow down. What's another five minutes of Mitch stirring the yogurt cup. What's another frogging on my I-can-never-get-this-right Citrus York. Wait -- what's for the lunch tomorrow??

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