Sunday, March 09, 2008

Weekend Accomplishments

We had a beautiful weather over the weekend, and naturally we spent a lot of time outside. We accomplished a lot around the house;

A few weeks ago just before the storm, we had the big yucca tree (or plant, more correctly) removed from our backyard. It was growing fast, and every strong wind had knocked down a big limb or two, giving me a constant worry.

The persimmon tree that was knocked down by one of the fallen yucca limbs in the New Year's storm, is budding now. I thought it was dead, so the sign that this is still well and alive makes me happy.

Since we were using the yucca to hang the bird feeder, we had to find a replacement.

The birds seem to love the new set-up, and they come by numbers. I've been filling the feeder every other day. I'm going to have to keep working just to keep the birds fed!

And we've finally made the water fountain in the backyard. I've been wanting this for a long time. And the most important thing is that it's solar!

I've also moved my vegetable patch from the shady spot to the front yard, where it will get more sun. Hopefully we'll have more tomatoes this summer than last year. I've also sown Japanese indigo seeds here -- hoping to try some indigo dye in the summer.

We visited the Novato History Museum here in town (first time in our ten years of living in Novato). We went out for lunch, Mitch and Charlie went for a bike ride, Mitch and I went to Josh's baseball game -- Mitch got to spend a few hours with Erin's boys while I enjoyed chatting with Erin. Charlie went flying. Boy that's a lot of activities.

I even had a few minutes to myself sitting under my cherry tree and admired the blossoms and petals coming down like snow. It does make me sad a bit. I'd love it if someone bred a cherry tree whose blossoms last a month.

On the knitting side, I cast on the Citrus York Sweater with the blue pima cotton/silk blend I got at Stitches, but realized that I already made an error. Just a simple misunderstanding of the pattern that's supposed to be simple -- so I have to rip it. Oh well -- it's OK. It was a nice weekend. The only problem is that it was too short.


Lizzy said...

What a wonderful weekend! Hey, I think you are the winner..already casting on your fiber from Stitches!!

Do you have a pick or link to the sweater?

Looking forward to seeing you soon! ;-)liz

Tamami said...

Hey Liz!
Here's some photos of Citrus York pullover...
Casting on doesn't count -- finishing does :-)
See you soon!

Stefaneener said...

So much you got done! It sounds like a lovely weekend. We had a cherry tree at one house that gave such spectacular cherries that we literally gave them away to strangers at the park.

Now, I think I'd freeze them for the winter. . .