Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Socks Completed!

Yes, you read that right.. I finished sock number 2! We have an official pair folks! Hard to believe. I have to admit this was the most fun project yet. Okay, so the 2nd sock had it's share of trouble, and in the meantime I lost the 1st sock a few times, once at Stitches West (later found in my new stash pile from my Stitches West loot!)

Nicole has a pair of hand knitted sock and she loves them.

Okay, so now I need some help. I could not do a decent Kitchener's stitch to save my life Both socks had issues. In addition, I have a small hole right at the corner where I picked up stitches. What is the trick to reduce the "hole" size?

All I can say is I am hooked on knitting socks AND finishing a project. So, now my dilemma is this? Do I start a new project with my new yarn? OR... do I finish my shrug scarf I started last February? I am leaning towards finishing so I can be done....

I am so happy with my wee little socks!! Thanks Erin for all your help.. and especially the other night at Stitches when I needed a designated knitter to fix my blunder.. after drinking too many margarittas!!!


Stefaneener said...

Yay for you! There are lots of tips for closing that hole (like knitting through the back of that loop), and a lot of tips for Kitchenering.

I don't' know, my Kitchenered toes always look as though they have little ears. I'm going to have to learn toe-up stuff.

Tactile said...

I solve the toe issue by doing toe-up socks. I lurve me some Judy's Magic Cast-On!

We had a blast with you and Erin Saturday night! We need to be neighbors next time too!


Lizzy said...

Hey Girl!! Thanks for the ideas! We had a blast with y'all too! We must share a wall next year too! And let us help to fluff next time... tho if Margarittas are on the agenda, you might have to fluff after us!! ahaha..

I will find a sock pattern as suggested... ;-)

Knit on! and remember, CF no more! ahahaha.. ;-)liz