Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Last year I missed out on going to Stitches West. For the whole year I kept hearing how heavenly it was, so this year I am going -- Erin and Liz are taking some time off from work and going on a four-day straight shopping spree. I am just going on Saturday for just one day visit. (One day is dangerous enough.) Huguette is still waffling.

Before I lose my senses in that infamous yarn fume, I thought I should get together the plan of attack -- list the projects I wanted to do, yarn required, yardage, color, etc -- I've been working on it for a few days now, but no progress. I really haven't run into patterns that I fell in love with for several months now -- that's a sad state of my knitting mind. And the last two issues of IK don't help either (yes I am pretty persistent).

I might end up just buying a Prius-full of spinning fiber, and it can only mean less time for me to knit!


Stefaneener said...

Well, that can be overwhelming. I got one of my favorite sweater patterns ever at Stitches when it was in Oakland many years ago. It just jumped out at me.
So maybe something will call to you, but fiber seems like a perfectly adequate fall-back. You can never, ever, have too much fiber.

That said, I'm staying far far away. . .

Erin said...

Ok, it's time to get on Ravelry if you can't find any patterns that are interesting! You'll find a ton of things there that you'll want to knit.

Can't wait until Stitches!!