Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Knitters Everywhere

So I made it to Stitches! The storm was approaching the Bay Area, and the weather radar Friday evening didn't look pretty. After that New Year's storm and power outage, the word "storm" gets me nervous every time. Decided to go early, early in the morning on Saturday to beat the rain clouds. Then by 8 am I was sitting at the lobby of Hyatt and knitting.

Left a voicemail on Erin's cell phone, but she didn't call back after an hour. An extended weekend away from kids, Liz and Erin are enjoying sleeping in, of course, probably high on the yarn fume. I called again at 9:00, waking the girls up.
"Come on up, we are in room 715." Okie dokie. After several knocks, the door doesn't open. The TV's on, but no one answer the door. I call on the cell phone.
"Let me in!"
"Oh, okay."
Still, no one comes out.
My cell phone rings, and it's Erin.
"Um. You are not at Hyatt, are you? We are at Hilton."
I laughed all the way to Hilton (just across the street), even harder when I found Liz in the lobby of Hilton in her robe, buying coffee! When you are among knitters, anything is possible, and everything is forgiven. Well, almost.

After admiring their yarn acquisitions and hearing hilarious stories at the Stitches Market, I headed out for some shopping. I had limited time on my hands -- I was still worried about getting stranded in the huge storm.

The first booth I stopped was Wild Fibers. Linda Cortright, the editor and publisher of the magazine, was smiling away at me! I wish photographing was allowed. I chatted with her on how much I love the magazine. Linda commented that she wished more knitters cared about where their fibers came from. I agree -- Being a spinner/knitter, I do wonder what kind of sheep, animals once wore the fibers. Who sheared it, and how it came to me. Linda is so fortunate that she gets to travel around the world to see all that. Don't you just wish? Purchased several back numbers that I don't own. The one I already have, with my favorite story about the traveling shearers from New Zealand, will go to Huguette, who didn't make it out to Stitches.

Right across the aisle, there's Carolina Homespun. I bought some Misty Alpaca cotton/silk blend yarn, 35% off! I think I know what I want to knit with this. Citrus Yoke Pullover from IK Winter issue.

I also got some merino spinning fibers -- $10 for 4 oz. What a steal! It's actually soft yellowish.

Some brown corriedale from Carin Egan.

After admiring Betsy's sweater at the lunch table, I visited Just One More Row's booth. Purchased a pattern and a huge hunk of silk noil.

I love the colors. I have not read through the pattern, but it looks like it's going to take some thinking and calculations. I think I like that over the "just follow it exactly as it's written" kind of patterns, but let's just hope that I am good enough to get through it.

The most expensive purchase was signing myself up on the Golden Gate Fiber Institute Summer Intensive. I'm already very excited.

I hurried home, and by the time I got to Oakland, it was pouring. But it wasn't as windy as they had been predicting-- in fact by the time I got home around 5pm, the rain was tapering off to just a shower. I could have stayed longer at Stitches! But then maybe it was for the better. My huge stash containers are all 120% full. It became awfully windy and rained hard late that night, so it was a calm before the storm.

Although it wasn't so good for my stash situations, it was a wonderful break for my mood -- it's so wonderful to be with friends and laugh away. I might just spend a few nights next year, just to get away and get more smile lines on my face!


Erin said...

I can't believe that you went home! We had the best time that night visiting the people in the room next to us. We sat, talked and drank margaritas while they fluffed spinning fiber for their booth. The women in that room owned Tactile and A Verb for Keeping Warm. Their stuff was gorgeous. Sunday, we returned to the show. I bought a couple more things for myself, and some things for Huguette. Liz went a little nuts and bought a bunch of stuff, but we had a great time doing it. We're missing Stitches now that we're back to our real lives!

Adrienne said...

You two were the best hotel neighbors! I loved running into Liz in the hall and her seeing my Stitches Badge and saying "are you going to Stitches? Me too!" That was the first time I felt like I was part of a real knitting community, how fun! Seriously, we loved you both visiting, that was awesome! Good luck getting through your stashes!

Kristine said...

Will you girls come down here and knit with us?? We knit every 2nd tuesday of the month at my house in Oakland.