Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Summer Camp Plans

It's been cold here. I saw some fascinating ice patterns on the windshield Monday morning. It was all over the window glass, and I almost hated for it to melt away. It was beautiful.

Back to spinning alpaca. Decided to make thin rolags using a knitting needle -- kind of making a cotton candy off the hand carder. The looser the roll is, the easier to draft.

It reminds me of the cat hairballs! Unfortunate association for the beautiful alpaca.

Lots of carding and picking the second cuts, so the spinning is slow going, but I'm enjoying it. I'm waiting for it to speak to me so I can decide what to knit with it...

I've been contemplating on attending the Summer Intensive at Golden Gate Fiber Institute. It's close, and it's this summer when I should be on sabbatical. I really wanted to attend SOAR in the fall but it's in Pennsylvania this year, and it really isn't very convenient.

I think this is the first such event for the Golden Gate Fiber Institute (which is a fairly new organization), so I don't know what this is going to be like -- how big will a class be? How many attendees? Would I be too much of a newbie for such events? And the biggest question is -- would I really enjoy it?

See, I know that the Designated Knitters and other friends of mine would laugh, but in fact I am an introvert, to the extreme. I am terrible at socializing and making a small talk. I'd hate to end up sitting all by myself.

So, I'm hoping that someone who's also considering would find me through a Google search or something, and contact me -- Anyone?

The teachers for the intensive are amazing. Sara Lamb, Judith Mackenzie McCuin, Nancy Bush, Darlene Hayes, etc -- the only thing that seemed a bit disappointing is the lodging. If I were to take a plunge and enroll in such a course, I'd love to stay at a nice, relaxing retreat-like setting, not at a YMCA camp with bunk beds!

But -- what a treat it would be!

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Stefaneener said...

Wish I could go! Maybe some year when the kidlets are all at camp.

The rusticity might add to the fun -- I guess it would depend on the other participants.