Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Slippery Situations

Yes, I did have a doule-take on our blog -- First time in I don't know how long, there's a post from someone other than me! I am so glad to have Liz back on our blog -- after all, her "Fingerless Mittens" post is the one with the most visitors.

I am in Montreal. The weather is like seeing a myself in the mirror -- it's raining, then five minutes later there's sunshine, and when I turn around we have a snow storm!! The road was all slushy in the morning, and by the lunch time it was frozen solid, making a 100-meter walk to the closest eatery super eventful, in this crazy wind that tried to knock us down, even though we huddled like a bunch of overdressed rugby players.

Yes, my 100-dollar snow parka is again a life saver. I don't know how people survive the winter here -- I would go mental in three days.

At work, I am having such a problem -- actually, a bunch of problems, everywhere I turn to -- and I don't know whether I should try to talk things over, or to just keep my mouth shut. Nothing seems to work for me. Lucky thing, I have a great team and several female peers to relate to (or comiserate with).

I don't have a tactfulness to gracefully skate over the ice. The only way to get out of this may be to just fall on my back and slide across it on all four.

Can't wait to get home.

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Lizzy said...

Hi Dear Friend! It is good to have something to post! It has been so long since I have casted on a new project. Erin encouraged me to cast on .. even tho I still have not finished the shrug I started last February! urgh...

I read the blog all the time and love your posts. I hope you are home by now, or at least staying warm. I look forward to our next knitting visit!!