Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year (and the last-minute struggles)

Happy New 2008! Can't believe it's already 8 years into the "new millennium!" I still remember the Y2K craze (in so many ways -- I'm in the "hi-tech" industry) like yesterday.

We've been off since the 22nd, but not doing much every day and sitting around the house has caught up with us -- well, with me, at least. I felt like we needed to go somewhere, do something, before the Christmas break ends. This is the only time of the year we all get the time off for so long, without running around to make everyone's schedule match. I really wanted to take advantage of it -- so, I made a reservation of a motel just night before and left to a short two-day trip to the Gold Country, Grass Valley, hoping to see some snow. Our 4 1/2 yo son had never seen the snow.

I knew (from various fiber related blogs) that it snowed on the Christmas day in Grass Valley, but of course there's nothing left in town. And being Sunday, the yarn store is closed (bad planning!). Yarn store in Nevada City had been converted to a flower shop, unless we were not reading the address right. Mitch was bouncing off everything so going into antique stores was not very safe. So nothing was accomplished on the shopping side.

Next day we went up Rt 49 for just few miles (as we were told the night before at Swiss House Restaurant -- great food!), the forest ground we could see from the road was still white. It really wasn't much, but enough to declare an instant snowball fight!

The only time the mittens from the last winter get worn this year, I'm sure, with much appreciation.

Mitch just didn't want to leave, and at the end we had to carry him into the car. "Can I bring some snow home?" Now it looks like we need to make another trip to see the real new snow, not this icy leftover from a week ago.

The vest is done, but I'm not sure how much use this is going to get.

The main solid gray part is knitted with a chunky wool 100% yarn I brought from Japan when I moved to the US, and it's at least 22 years old. It's almost an antique. The front panels in white/gray are done with a strand of Rowan Cocoon (white) and a strand of Natural Shetland from Elemental Affects (gray) held together. It's hard to see, but the panels have cable patterns.

(still hard to see)

For one thing, I thought I sized it so he would wear it for at least two winters. From the rate he's been growing, it'll be too small in three months. And he's not going to wear it unless I force him to; he's always been a cotton shirt boy, and he wears nothing else, no matter how cold. In the worst of our winter, he would wear a short-sleeve T over a long-sleeve T, that's it. I had to use the secret weapon ("I will not take you to Erin's house if you don't wear this for me" tactics) to have him pose in it.

I still have to put the zipper in the front, but at this point I'm wondering if it's worth the effort. Sigh. Okay, this may be the last piece I'd ever knit for you, unappreciative son of mine.

This is pretty much all I did, other than some Alpaca spinning, during this break. I should get ready to go back to my "normal" routine, including some knitting and spinning for myself.

Happy New Year everyone -- I hope the new year is filled with peace, good health, and beautiful fibers!

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