Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sock Virgin - NO MORE!

Why in the world would someone knit socks?
You know all of us have said that at least one time in our lives BEFORE we casted on, ribbed ribbed ribbed, create the heal flap, did a turn, picked up stitches, decreased, knitted in the round, decreased a toe.... if you dig deep down inside you know this to be true.... BUT once you have gone thru the motions of creating a perfect little sock, even part way thru the motions, you are IN LOVE, like never before.
A SOCK!! Who knew?? All this time, the perfect "to knit" item was out there.... just waiting to be discovered. I mean sure, I have plenty of sock yarn, and needles to match, and books, but did I ever really intend to knit a sock? I think maybe not, sure I love to see all the finished socks of my sock knitter friends, but I thought that sock knitting was out of my range, and deep down, I asked myself ... WHY KNIT A SOCK when I can buy them for 5.00 at Walgreens? Call me silling, I just never really knew.... what I was missing!!!!!

Well, last night, for the first time, I started a sock. It was like magic, a religous experience! Erin as my tutor she gently guided me thru figuring out how many to cast on.. how long was my ribbing.. and then the heel, and the turn and the picking up of stitches... she just knew what to do... she even showed me a great way to SSK which was not at all as awkward as I had been doing in the past...

I AM OFFICIALLY IN LOVE!!!! I didn't want to put it down, now I know why sock knitters, knit socks. The first thought I had this morning was my sock. And then I thought of my second sock.. and the next pair I would make, what yarn would I use... I am obsessed by knitted socks.

Of course, it helps to know that Nicole LOVES her new sock. She is so excited for it. This morning I made her try it on and she said it felt PERFECT!! My heart sang. I am officially a knitter, in one second I became a knitter, a sock knitter. Sure, there are plenty of things about my perfect little sock which technically does not make it perfect, but I could care less. It is perfect in my eyes.

Erin, THANK YOU for taking the time to show me how to knit a sock. You gave me GREAT advise, start with Worsted Weight yarn, size 6 needles, start small (cast on 36) rib about two inches before starting the heel flap. I can't remember the details of the turn, so I am going to need help on sock #2, but who cares... and of course, when it comes time to decrease at the toe, I will need to make a call to Dr. Erin, the knitted sock Dr.!

I am hooked ladies, and I am off to finish sock #1 ... now my thoughts are on all the sock yarn I have in my stash and what wonderful socks I can make!!! Happy Sunday!!

Here are the details of my sock:
Childs ankle sock (Nicole wears a size 11, the sock fits perfectly)
Cascase 220 Superwash, color 839(got it on sale over a year ago!)

Needles sz 6 (plastic flexible white ones, I inherited from an older lady who passed away, the pack was never opened, I guess knitters are stasher as all ages!)

Cast on 36, k1p1 rib about 2 inches, 1 inch heal flap and the rest was a bit of a mystery, picked up stitches, decreased so I had 18 stitches on two needles and then I am back into knitting in the round.. so much for a pattern! ;-) but nevertheless a sock is formed!

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Stefaneener said...

And that is a particularly cute first sock -- and cute foot for it.