Sunday, January 28, 2007

What Dyed This Wool?

Strangely, I still can't add a photo to yesterday's post, so here it is, the yarn spun from the turmeric-dyed roving. The white speckles you see are soysilk that I blended.

What Dyed This Wool? Contest! So here's the wool I dyed with the mystery dye.

These pictures are taken in the natural light.

The natural-white corriedale was pre-mordanted with alum and cream of tartar, then simmered in the mystery dye, in two sessions. Hint: The dye is natural. Whoever guesses it right will receive a skein of yarn from me -- probably not the yarn spun from this wool, but something more usable :-). Eligibility: Anyone in Tamami's household is not eligible (sorry Charlie). The Designated Knitters are eligible. Japanese comments are welcome, but to be fair to the other non-Japanese readers, state the answer ingredient in English please (single-byte roman characters).

I went to FlourChylde Bakery at Downtown Novato yesterday to get my recent fix, Cranberry-ginger sables (yum!), and Dion, the owner of the bakery gave me a small ziplock bag of wool samples he got from Yolo Wool Mill, at David Farmer's Market.

Erin, I will bring it to you at next Knit Night. Where else I can get a bag of cookies and wool at the same time? Spells HEAVEN.

I am dreading to go to Montreal. I hear it's about -30F there. I think it was -20F when I was there last February. I guess when it's that cold, ten degrees don't make any difference. Living in the Bay Area, I don't have any clothes that are suitable for the extreme cold. I am not going to go outside -- hotel, office, airport, and that's all.

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knit_tgz said...

Was it cedar bark?