Friday, January 26, 2007


It's been a busy week, and I have not accomplished much knitting. But, here's the first sock of Broadripple.

I love this pattern. Could easily be my favorite! I will post the details as soon as I'm done with the second sock. I will be on a business trip to Montreal next week, so I hope to finish it while I'm away.

I'm also dyeing wool in the kitchen right now. If it's done well, I might have a contest -- whoever that guessed what the dye is will get some yarn from me. If the experiment fails, the contest would have to wait until I have something that's worth showing! I will know tomorrow evening. Stay tuned :-)

Several people asked me for the details of the turmeric dye, so I will try to post that soon too.

Sorry for being short, but I have to go to bed -- I have a three-hour long conference call tomorrow. Isn't that crazy? Some knitting to be done (sheesh).

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