Thursday, January 04, 2007

Trip to New Mexico

I'm back from New Mexico. Calm down, fiber addicts. I didn't go to Taos nor Santa Fe. I was in -- Las Cruces.

We visited Charlie's mom for a week. It didn't rain except for a sprinkle one afternoon, but it sure was cold!! We've visited the only (I think) yarn store in Las Cruces, Unravel, twice. It's a wonderful store, and I'm really mad at myself for not taking any pictures of the store. But here's their website. The store was full of knitters on our first visit -- there were two beginners knitting classes going on, with just one instructor! I wanted to jump in to help teaching some young knitters (and I don't think the instructor would have minded at all) but then I knit Continental... A source of confusion that they don't need at this point.

They were having "Everything 20% Off" sale. I bought some soy silk and tussah silk fiber. Yes, this store carries spinning stuff, as well as weaving!

I brought my drop spindle on the trip, so I spun every day.

Two small balls of romney I spun. They are singles at this point.

And here's the result of plying them together.

Now I have 29 grams of two-ply. More to come.

The soy silk I acquired at Unravel is very difficult to spin -- it is absolute heaven to touch though! I have to study some more about the fiber.

While I was in New Mexico, I finished Mitch's new hat.

Mitch didn't care for it first (he really loves his Griffindor hat I made last year), but after getting so many compliments on it at Unravel, he decided that he liked it.

It really is very cute, when worn. I also finished my cowl with the Noro Silk Garden Liz gave me. I will post the photo next time... as I don't have it now. I never have pictures of myself.

We drove to Organ Mountains several times (it's very close to where Charlie's mom lives).

There were some snow on it, although it's hard to see on the photos.

It's beautiful, but it's very harsh and barren. There are several phases of new housing nearby -- large, upscale estates, probably 1.5 ~ 2 million level houses in Bay Area's standard. The price tags I saw were about $650,000 ~ $1,000,000.

What struck me was the lack of vegetation. No trees.

We are back to work and school as of today. I didn't do any of my New Year's traditions (eating noodles as the new year arrives -- watching some Japanese New Year's Eve TV shows -- cooking New Year's dishes -- talking with my mom on the phone) except for drinking sparkling wine. It just doesn't feel like a New Year to me. I'd better catch up with the Oshogatsu (New Year) mood!

More on the Las Cruces trip on the next post. Happy 2007!

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