Sunday, November 12, 2006

Three grams of ripping

I thought I was 2/3 done on my first Lace Wings Fixation sock. This is supposed to take just one ball (50g) to make a pair. I got pretty nervous on the ball getting really small -- so I weighed it. 23g left, when I took this picture. It's not good.

So I re-read the pattern. It says "make sure to stretch lengthwise when you try it on for the size." That's what I forgot to do... Okay, about three grams worth of ripping is in order.

Taking out needles is not easy. The last time I ripped a lace pattern, it took me a bit of effort picking it up afterward. But this one was easy. I think it's the texture of the yarn -- the loops just stay as they are, so it's very easy to pick up.

So, I finished a sock. The ball now weighs 24g. Hmmmm....

See the room I have around the ankle? I'm still hoping that this will shrink down when I wash and dry. And that I have enough to finish the other sock.

Meanwhile, I love the yarn and the pattern. I'll definitely try another pair -- I already bought some more Fixations -- and the next time, I might wind up two balls of 25g before I start.

Friday was a Knit Night Friday, and Erin had her fireplace going. Kids toasted marshmallows -- I said that I'd never had that before (I didn't grow up here, and toasted mashmallows are not quite Japanese) -- and instantly get two toasted marshmallows. Yum! Thanks Max!

On Saturday, after strolling Downtown Novato, Mitch and I drove to Petaluma again. Mitch fell asleep just short of reaching my favorite yarn store. Agh. I didn't want to wake him up, so I parked right in front of the store, looking inside from the window, and started to knit -- How clever am I to bring my knitting with me, I was proud -- then realized that I didn't bring the pattern. I can't knit lace without the pattern! Nothing to read, and I had to just sit in front of the yarn store. What a torture. I should stash some yarn and needles in the car so I can start something that doesn't require a pattern. An emergency kit.

I gave him an hour. He woke up, and the shopping started. The store was packed, with both yarn and knitters. I couldn't find the fingering weight yellow I've been looking for, but I got three balls of Fixations on sale (40% off!) and some yarn for my first felting project. At Knit Night, Huguette felted two projects, and I got to see the Before and After for the first time. How dramatic. Now I want to try. I'm planning to do a clutch from "One Skein" and a small shoulder bag.

At the yarn store, Mitch was really good -- he just sat in the middle of the floor by one of the baskets, take a ball out, name the color, and then another. A knitter commented that it was good to "start early." I agree.

We are trying to wrap up our project at work, and if everything goes as planned, we'll be done on Wednesday. I can't wait. I still have lots to do before the year-end, but at least I'll be free from this stress for a while. I need some peaceful time so I can spin, study to dye yarn, and clean up some mess around the house (not necessarily in that order). I'm also planning to work on the blog improvement. It's so sad that no one's visiting, so I'll get us in a web ring or two.

Just three days to go... Wish me luck.


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がみさん、きてくださってありがとう!うれしいです。 いま夜11時すぎですが、まだ仕事中です。最後の追い込み・・・
これが終わったら、この金曜はうちで編み物パーティの予定。 マシュマロまた焼きます! 

ところで、これからスピンした糸を染めることに挑戦したいのですが、がみさんはもうずいぶんの経験者。なにか参考になるサイトがあれば教えていただけませんか? よろしくお願いします。

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