Sunday, November 19, 2006

Random Thoughts


Need to say more?

It's hard to tell from the photo, but it's about four rows into the toe decrease, and I have just an inch to go! So close. So we went to Petaluma to shop for yarn. They open at 12 on Sunday. We were an hour early, so we walked around, antique shop hopping.... I used to love antiquing, before I had my son. A stroller and antiquing doesn't work very well, and neither a toddler /preschooler. So I only saw parts of two large shops, but it was a good visit. I enjoyed it.

And we were back to Knitterly, about a minute before noon. The store was already open, and they were already busy. More than ten knitters. How impressive. Unfortunately they had stopped carriying Fixation. But I got another ball of 127 Print to finish my first felted purse.

I know that the small yarn store in town carries Fixation. Maybe I'll pay another visit, although I am really not a fan of this shop.

Our blog is now accepted by Knitting Ring! I got the notice email this morning. So I spent half an hour clicking on the "Next" button on the Knitting Ring banner, hoping to see our site, but no luck. Running a search on "Designated Knitters" on the ring site doesn't bring up ours either. What gives?

My tomatoe plants in the backyard are looking a bit sad. The season is definitely over. They still have lots of green fruits, but the birds are starting to feast on the red ones. While harvesting the tomatoes, I found my cucumber plant had a beautiful cucumber -- a Japanese cucumber. It became our dinner.

I'm done with the body part of the purse, and I will work on the cord tomorrow. I will post the before and after photos and measurements soon.

How's that for my random thoughts of the weekend?

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