Saturday, November 18, 2006


I know you are all tired of reading about how my Fixation socks are going.

For the Japanese readers, Fixation is a popular sock yarn from Cascade. It's cotton/elastic, and is very stretchy. I'm working on the pattern for ankle socks that is supposed to take only one ball (50g) to make a pair. Huguette already tried it and was successful.

The picture above is when I was done with the gusset decrease of the second sock. The remaining yarn ball is dangerously small.

Let's change the topic.
Yesterday was the first Knit Night Friday at Liz's new house. What a beautiful, comfortable house! Everyone seem very happy at the new place, including the sweet black lab Rocky. It really felt like home...

I'm accepting a defeat.

This is as I'm starting the toe decrease. It's painfully clear that I'm not making it.

Honestly, this really was not a successful pair, beside the fact that I will have an open-toe sock.
Because I tried to make it tighter, the second sock is definitely smaller than the first. The first pair is going to fall off my foot as I walk, if it doesn't shrink in the wash.

Still -- this feels so good on my foot. Soft and cushony. Easy and fun to knit too...

Nice pattern, isn't it?

I've already bought some Fixation that was on sale, so I am going to try again. Next time, I will make some modification so I won't run out of the yarn again. Maybe I will use the needles that are one size smaller too.

Just to keep the record, this is my 7th pair of socks.

And here's one-ball worth of my first felting project. This is going to be a small purse. I was thinking that one ball would be enough, but no... I ran out on this one too.
It's 127 Print by Filatura di Crosa. The color is more like turquoise green in real life.
I wonder how much this is going to shrink...? I am knitting loosely with a size 13 circular.

So, now I have a legitimate reason to go yarn shopping. (Like I ever needed a reason?) I NEED to go. I just hope that I can find Fixation in same color.

We finished our project at work last Thursday. I feel relieved -- it was a long, tough project. Now I have just several, smallish releases left before I go on Christmas vacation.

As I mentioned earlier, we are getting lots of visitors from Japan. Welcome fellow knitters/spinners! I have signed ourselves up onWebring too, but I am not sure if that's working. The Webring status for our blog : "Tests passed, Suspended." What does it mean? I may have to start over, or find some other rings. There's Rowanette, and it seems easy to join. But I've never used Rowan before. Would we qualify?

And Huguette, here's the "knitting thimble" I was talking about on Friday. I'm not sure if this is going to work for English knitters? I suppose not, but it's still very interesting.

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Anna said...

I'm sorry you ran out of yarn. When I knit the socks I used 2 balls of yarn, one for each sock, but had so much left over that I put on the pattern that it would take 'just over one ball', I think that if you have really really small feet that 1 ball would do it but I'd advise 2 balls to anyone else...

Hope you get your yarn soon and can finish them off and that you enjoy wearing them, I'm working on another pattern at the moment, it's going slowly though as I have another 2 pairs of socks on the needles at the same time!