Sunday, November 05, 2006

Socks, Yarn Shop, Life Saver and Lichen

Mitch made a graham cracker house in school.

We have not tried it (I'm not sure if we ever would), but it smells really good.

On Saturday, Mitch and I went to the used book store in downtown. This store is ran by the Friends of Public Libraries. Great store, very friendly people. Mitch got five books, I got one. Unfortunately they had no knitting books. I hear that there are several knitters among the volunteers, so the competition is fierce.

After the bookstore, we walked to the yarn store four blocks away. I don't think it's my imagination that their inventory is shrinking. Much fewer brands, yarn, color selection compared to just few month ago. Their book selection is close to none -- they didn't even have Interweave Knits. I have a hard time imagining that they are selling so fast that they can't catch up with re-stocking. I haven't seen their best employee for about two months. Hmmmmm.
We walked out empty-handed, and this is probably three times in a row. They just didn't have what I was looking for.

I finished the socks Number six.

This is going to be a birthday gift for my coworker Hiromi. Her birthday is tomorrow.

As soon as I cast these off, I started a new pair with the Cascade Fixation yarn Huguette has given me. I'm using the pattern called Lace Wings Fixation socks.
I love the yarn, I love the color, I love the pattern. I love the way it knits up quickly. This is the first pair I do with size 3! I love how it feels on the skin.... But, alas.
It's too big.

This is the first sock, almost done with the heel flap. These are supposed to be ankle socks. I tried putting it on, and there's some room between my ankle and the sock.

What to do... I wonder if these shrink when washed?

You know me. I never rip things. So I'm going to have to go on.

But, did I already tell you that I love the yarn?
(Thanks Huguette!)

Mitch watched two Star Wars movies this weekend. He even let me read him the prologues -- that scrolling text at the beginning. In the galaxy far, far away....

Mitch believes that these swords are called "Life Savers."
Charlie and I tried to correct that, but no use.

On Sunday, we went to the cheese factory to get some blackberry brambles for our pet insects, and to run Mitch around some. Oh yeah. He needed that. While he zoomed around, I found a large walnut tree with lots of lichens on the trunk. It's supposed to be a good natural dye. I got some -- just a handful. I've read somewhere that lichens are not easy to find, so not to take it all and only take from where it's plentiful. I only took about 2 percent of what the tree had, so I hope I didn't hurt the natural balance. It'll take some more looking around to get enough to dye my handspun. That's okay, I'm in no hurry at all.

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