Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Finally Fixated

When I came home, there were boxes sitting by the door. One of them was from Webs! The long awaited Fixation was in it -- and a whole lot more.

I finished the second sock of the Lace Wings in twenty minutes. It's a bit loose around ankle, but I'm still hoping that they'll shrink after a wash. I really love this pattern, and I will try another pair sometime, but I might make it longer next time -- and maybe size 2 needles, instead of 3?

Pair number seven. Now I have an almost-full ball of Fixation in this colorway... OK, another Mitch socks.

What else's in the box from Webs? Of course I couldn't just buy one ball of Fixation. I got a bunch of Araucania NatureWool -- they were on sale! I have been good on my stash control, so I think this is acceptable. After all, this is Christmas time, and I finished the project at work, and... and... It's been pretty stressful at work for the last several days. Yarn hoarding must be better than drinking heavily, right?


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Tamami said...

このきれいな糸は、すべて自然染料染めだと聞いて買ったのですが、ほんとかな? もうちょっと調べてみますね。

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Anna said...

The socks look great! When I knit them they weren't tight around the ankles but weren't as baggy as yours, I think you have much smaller ankles than I do! I think that going down to a 2.75mm needle might do the trick for you.

Thanks for knitting my pattern!