Sunday, December 24, 2006

All is Bright

I used to dread the Christmas season, but I have to admit that I'm starting to love it now. It's still a problem that the days preceding to Christmas are so short, and I don't even know where they go.

On the knitting front, I've done Mitch's mittens ... It's been very cold in the morning, and he needed them.

I never thought I'd be knitting mittens -- living in this climate, I've never been so cold that I needed to wear mittens, except for maybe three mornings out of a year. But it's a different story for the little guys.

I've made a crocheted hat for him last year, with a matching knitted scarf, in Griffindor colors. He still loves them, but now he wants a green hat.

Here's where I am.

The mittens and hat are done in Araucania NatureWool.

(Reluctantly) On the dyeing front, here's the result of the Black-Eyed Susan dye.

I'm utterly disappointed with this. It came out like a dirty wool color. Would have been better left in its natural white. Agh.
I plan to overdye it with onion skins.

I've started the lichen fermenting process. Ever since I've started collecting lichens, I've been surprised by just how much we can find unattached lichens on the ground in the park. I've already collected enough to start a second batch.

We went to the famous Christmas House in Novato this evening. I couldn't believe that I didn't bring my camera with me! It was amazing. When we stepped out, there was Santa on his motorcycle greeting the visitors. The little guy was elated.

The streets are lined with the luminarias. This is truely one of the prettiest, the happiest things I can think of. Too bad that this is just once a year....

Mitch has gone to bed, Santa has gotten his cookies and milk, and all is calm at our house.

Happy Holidays to all of you.

Peace on Earth.

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