Friday, October 19, 2007

Spinning in Public (sort of)

There were two hours of phone meetings that I didn't have to run scheduled on my calendar today. I've found last year that knitting while on the phone is a very effective way to listen attentively, and actually get something out of it. But my WIP is a lace scarf, which I mess up too often even when I don't have any distractions. I didn't want to cast on a new, simpler project, as my current mission is to reduce UFOs. So, instead of knitting, I spun. Yup, in my office.

Luckily many of my team members telecommute, and I sit in a corner cube. My Joy is so compact and discreet in its bag, and the building security didn't stop me :-) I spun happily for two hours (not the alpaca though), feeling my stress level going down like the sand in the hourglass. Watching rain falling on the hill, thinking that this would make the grueling conference calls worthwhile. Well, almost.

It's quite interesting that, Stefaneener, the author of one of my daily reads, just posted on her blog about how soothing it has been for her to spin every evening. In fact, all of the spinners I know have said the same. Spinning saves me.

I was only joking when I said I wanted to bring my wheel to the office. Now that I've actually done it, I'm no longer joking. I think I will do this again, as a part of taking care of myself. I'm sure my listening skill will improve. I might even start listening to myself more.

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Stefaneener said...

Oh, hooray for you! What a great way of taking care of yourself and business at the same time.

I've half decided to fold the Lendrum and put it in its bag every morning, just in case I have to go somewhere. Soccer game? No, I'd probably want to watch that. But soccer practice? Aha!

I'm glad you can do that -- when your hands are busy, it's so much easier for your ears to work, huh?