Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fiber Souvenir

So here's the fiber souvenir that Erin brought to treat me for her kids baby-sitting Mitch last Saturday. This feels so wrong -- scoring yarn and alpaca for doing NOTHING?! But of course I'm loving it. (The photo doesn't do justice to the fleece -- it's beautiful and sooooft) It's a first shearing of a young alpaca.

She made the right choice to buy a raw fleece for me, not processed rovings, as I've been wanting to experience the whole process -- alpaca to shawl. I just hope that my skill is up to spinning alpaca.

I am looking forward to reading her post about the alpaca farm she visited! I want to fantasize more about owning a farm. Anyone have a spare land lying around? :-)

I've finished a pair of kid's mittens.

These are for my son's preschool teacher -- she's been asking for them for her nephew. I've improvised the pattern, as you can see from the rather uneven result! I used the leftover yarn from Mitch's mittens and hat, plus from Knitpicks Parade sock yarn. It's just too bad that they discontinued this yarn, as I love it... Very easy to work with, and produces great socks (and mittens)!

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