Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dognapping during Knit Night!

It was a perfectly wonderful Knit Night set for Saturday instead of Friday night. We all contributed food or drink. Liz was missing as she went camping, and we added Tina and her daughter Isabella. Everything was wonderful. We had good food, good friends, good yarn, pointy sticks, a spinning wheel and loom. What else could we ask for (other than having Liz there)? At one point during the cooking of the last of the "Make your own pizzas", our house filled with smoke. No problem, just open up the doors and air out the place. Problem solved. Little did we know that the problem was just beginning.

A little while later the phone rings and my hubby answers. A woman on the other end asks if we are missing our dog. Hubby responds "Ahhhh, I don't know". Let's face it - we had a house full of people, food was happening, smoke was happening, the place was being aired out - OH SHOOT the dog got out! Hubby searches around the house and yard and doesn't find the dog. Woman on the phone feels that my husband doesn't care about our dog and they exchange a couple of not so nice comments to each other. It turns out that the woman who called found our dog, June, on Novato Blvd. June almost got hit by a car. The woman picks up our dog, but has to get home in a hurry so she takes our dog to her home in SAN LEANDRO! Now, if your not familiar with this area, let me explain that it takes 45 minutes to a hour to drive to San Leandro. The woman was calling from her home. My husband is angry that this woman took our dog, more less than polite words were exchanged and the woman now hangs up on my husband. He tries to call her back, but the call goes right to voicemail. Hubby is furious, woman is furious and our dog is at a stranger's home. What was June thinking? Was she missing home? How were we going to get her back? That's where I came in. I called the woman and left a frantic message for her. I wanted her to know that we were worried about our dog, and we wanted our dog back! The woman responded to this message and calls right back. I get directions to her house, but she tries to talk me into picking up my dog tomorrow. Hubby leaves right away with our oldest son and his friend to pick up the dog. The knitters, spinners and weavers wait at my home until we get good news.

After about 45 minutes I phone hubby and he is in San Leandro, but he is now waiting for police to meet him. He decided that he needed to call the police to help in this matter. He didn't know what would happen as this was a very odd thing to happen. The police are more than happy to escort him to the house. The woman answers the door somewhat surprised to see the police, and says to my husband "Well, you're a piece of work. I can't believe you are treating me this way after I saved your dog." My husband got June, and the police said he could leave. They stayed to listen to this woman rant about how horrible my husband was to her and how he didn't care about his dog.

All I have to say is thank goodness my knitting pals were there with me to help me pass the time while worrying about my dog. I couldn't knit, but instead tried to busy myself by serving pie, ice cream and coffee. It was yummy apple pie that Tamami made from apples Mitch picked from their tree. Thanks to everyone for their support during this trying time.

Ok, now I have a question for you: Isn't it odd that a woman wanted to save a dog, but didn't call the owners until she was an hour drive away? Let me know in the comments if you think this is weird. Charles thinks it could have been a ploy to extort money out of us. What are your thoughts?

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Tamami said...

I see that you couldn't sleep after all that! I think Charlie is right -- it must have been a ploy.
We should have all gone to this woman's house and stand by the door, with the pointy sticks in our hands!