Friday, September 14, 2007

Askew FO

It's been a long while since I posted about my FO, and yes I have to admit that I wasn't neglecting to report... I just didn't have any FOs! This is what I get for doing so much spinning and not much time left for knitting.

But here's my version of Askew... Just don't compare the models!

I like the overall style, but I was a bit disappointed when I put it on. It just wasn't comfortable... not very wearable, at least, by me. The shoulder straps are too wide-set in my taste, and very narrow. It felt tight and restricted around my arms and shoulders, but then if I wasn't keeping my back and shoulders consciously straight, the straps would fall off. There's no way I can wear this as a tank top either... I'd have to be pulling up the front all the time, beside the fact that I just don't have a matching figure, like beautiful Cheryl.

So I decided to redo the straps. I made them a bit wider, and make them come inward just a little. The result is a lot more comfortable vest.

Somehow I'm still not very happy about it (I think I look like an Asian Heidi), but hey, an FO is an FO. I loved knitting with Noro Silk Garden too. Especially after it's washed and blocked, it's a very soft and luxurious fiber. I used US 8 Knitpicks Options needles.

I bought several new knitting books, and there are some new sock patterns and a vest I want to try. Knitting season is here!

Here's the Koigu and yellow Rio de la Plata sock yarn that Erin gave me for my birthday. I'm so ready.

Oh yeah, we are going to the California Fiber Festival tomorrow! Anyone going?

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Erin said...

Have fun at the fiber festival...maybe I can go next time. Tomorrow we have a wood floor being installed in the dining room! New carpet in the living room happened last weekend. Yippee! Next Friday we're knittin' at my house!