Monday, December 01, 2008

Procrastinating or Love

I am so in love with this.

Naturally dyed Merino-Bamboo 60/40 from Tactile. Erin got me four hanks for the use of my car (which is not getting much attention lately and sitting lonely on my driveway). I really don't know how I always strike such a good deal with her.

This really is nice to spin. Well-blended, so I don't feel like I'm spinning a chunk of merino here, a chunk of bamboo there. I'm thinking to do a three-ply and knit a sleeveless sweater. Llama Llama Knit now carries their spinning fiber!

I wonder why I've been spinning so much lately -- aside the fact that I do love spinning -- then it dawned on me that it's like avoiding to study for a test. Yeah, what's that word, procrastination? I escape from the pressure of the Christmas knitting and run to the comfort of the wheel. Now back to Mom's socks...


Stefaneener said...

That is nice. I have spun merino tencel, which might feel a bit the same. Smooth, but wooly.

I think you're on to something. I don't need to avoid knitting because I'm using knitting to avoid work! No spinning now. But I do want to finish my laceweight so I can get to my bamboo-alpaca blend!

Erin said...

Oh so pretty!

Maia said...

Yummy! Your spinning is looking so good!