Monday, September 22, 2008

So Much Going On...

... and no time to write!

We were at the California Wool and Fiber Festival at Boonville. Two years in a row, but somehow it looked slower and quieter than the year before. I stopped by at the Tactile booth and bought another 2oz bag of naturally dyed yak down.

Yes, it's as soft as it looks! I was lucky enough to get my hands on my first bag of yak down at the GGFI Summer Intensive, as one of the door prize. Oh yeah. I was so happy when I won this. The colors are soft and warm hues of yellows, pinks, oranges... Maia and Brook have more, I'm sure, if you are interested.

Over the summer, I tried spinning cotton slivers on my wheel just so I'd be good enough to try this yak, but now I'm in love with cotton. Getting more dyed cotton was the reason for me to go to the wool festival this year, but of course I ended up with much more than that! This time I will try spinning a bit thicker.

Here's the photo from last year, in the apple building....

And here's this year's version.

My Japanese indigo plants didn't do so well this year -- just very thin and not very leafy. Won't be enough to dye a cotton ball! So I was hoping that they will at least bloom and produce seeds for the next year. I would dedicate a bigger lot with richer, well-cultivated soil...

Phew! Finally, some flowers! Hopefully they will seed.

Last Thursday afternoon, Charlie and I took the afternoon off from work and took Mitch to the members-only preview of the new California Academy of Sciences. It was so worth it, and more. We talked about (our wish of) doing this once a month. I'm sure Mitch was captured by their photographers and media several times during our visit -- what's better than a small kid looking up at a T-Rex!

I envy you, catfish!

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Stefaneener said...

Isn't it fun? Although it's beautiful, it's going to be much less fun if it's at all crowded.

Nice that you got no strangers in your pictures ; )

Lovely apples.