Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Mitch is a happy brand-new kindergartener. He's adjusting well to the new environment. His parents are not so thrilled about the homework. Yep, homework for a kindergartener. It's nutty.

I understand the concept and purpose. I love it that I see what he's doing at school almost real-time. But he is only five. He is in kindergarten, not middle school. This is the time of his life when everything should be carefree. Do the teachers ever think that an evening of playing UNO with the family may be what's good for him right now?

How about taking out the whole bones from a baked fish and marveling over it?

Do they ever think about the working parents?

We'll see how this issue is going to develop (or lack thereof) in our household...

I am knitting False Modesty from Knotions with Kid Silk Haze and my handspun cotton. I wanted to use my practice cotton long-draw for something, and landed on this pattern. I love how my yarn looks in it, but it's somewhat low on the knitting satisfaction gauge -- doing K2tog on Kid Silk Haze is very tricky and time-consuming. I now know what "dropped stitches" actually means!

Meanwhile, I have not started seaming the Delft Tiles. If I don't start on it soon, it will never be worn!

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Stefaneener said...

Here's a link for you:

I tell you, it's a crock. The knitting is lovely, though.