Monday, August 25, 2008

The Shortest Summer

I am painfully aware of the fact that this is the final week of my sabbatical. I am trying to do what I really wanted to do -- just sit in the quiet backyard and knit, spin, or just take a lazy nap.

Today so far, I have had about five minutes of that.

It has been busy five weeks. First, the GGFI Intensive, which was just fabulous -- I will write more about that later this week. Then Mitch and I flew to Japan and spent a sweltering week at Grandma's. Then we flew back here with Grandma, and she spent ten days here in the wonderful Northern California weather. In retrospect, we should have made the trip to Japan shorter and spent more days back here, as it was way too hot in Japan to do anything -- I don't drive in Japan and it was too unpleasant to go anywhere via train/bus. Mitch was resigned to have any time out in the park, and played his Nintendo DS (no matter what people say about it, it is often a sanity-saver in hour household) in the house and took frequent trips to the nearby department store. He did make several friends at the playground, despite the language barrier. I'm so proud.

Mitch is a very adaptable and flexible boy, and he can make the most of any situations. I am very thankful for that.

Soon after we came home from Japan, Mitch's school started. It was a big day for the parents/grandma as well.

Grandma left to Japan last Saturday, and I am missing her so much more than I thought I would. As we both grow older, living so far away weighs heavily.

This is my fourth sabbatical, and it's been the most memorable, the busiest one. Although I didn't get to do much of the lazy nap thing, I am most thankful for this break, and I know I probably won't get to experience this again -- until maybe I retire.

The hours at the local swimming pool has changed, and they are not open for the early morning swim that I enjoyed so much. This is the final week that they are open on the weekdays although it's in the afternoon -- the evidence that the summer is winding down. I miss being in the tranquil water as the fog slowly dissolves, and the sun comes down into the pool. This too, I may not experience it ever again, as this beloved pool is being demolished at the end of the season.

A lot of "missing" going on today. Now, back to my backyard knitting the Delft Tile Tee, photos next time -- before I leave for a quick lap or two at the pool.


Stefaneener said...

I know what you mean about it slipping away. I have visions of me on a porch swing some day. The heck of it is that here, we get summer weather when everyone else is marveling over the leaf colors.

Anyhow, I have wangled a half-promise that I get to go to the GGFI intensive next year, so we'll see. . . The visit with your mom looks wonderful, even if you would have switched areas.

Enjoy your fall!

Tamami said...

You know, there's another GGFI Intensive in January? I'm not going to even try the January one, as it's not a good timing (if there ever is one) for my work, but I'd shoot for the next summer -- will take a lot of planning, but would be great to meet you there!