Saturday, August 30, 2008

And Many More....

Today is my birthday, and I got to go out for breakfast, stroll down the main street in town, to the new yarn store -- Llama Llama Knit. They have taken over the yarn store that was there(that I rarely visited -- guess the reason why) just two weeks ago. The new owners are very nice and the shop is comfortable to stay and knit!

They have Knitters' Nights on every Tuesdays (7 - 9 pm). I might show up rather frequently! Novato knitters, support our LYS!

Kids friendly too :-) Marie and Alec endured the endless babbling torture from Mitch with grace.

Charlie has given me a birthday present a few weeks ahead of the time -- a charka. This was because I was enjoying spinning cotton so much on my wheel, and thought that I could spin when I was away from home. I haven't figured out how to use it (correctly, that is). Like when I started spinning on my Ashford Traditional two years ago, I feel like I need the third hand.

The other day at the pool, I saw an older woman -- in her 70's, my guess -- practicing synchronized swimming with her coach. Just looking at the way she was performing, from her legs and arms rising above the surface of the water, I wouldn't have been able to tell her age. The following day, I ran into a group water aerobics -- the participants are in their 60's and better. They all made me appreciate how important the health and positive attitudes are. I will keep that near my heart as I grow older.


Stefaneener said...

What a lovely thing to keep in mind. I'm always struck by the agelessness of dancers who have kept dancing - just something to reach for.

Happy happy birthday!

Marie said...

Hi Tamami! Thanks for the lovely post - it was wonderful to meet you and your family, and that's the truth! I'm really looking forward to learning to spin!

Hope to see you and your lovely work soon.

ま said...