Saturday, December 01, 2007

I Love Hats

I love knitting hats, but unfortunately I don't look good in them. I love seeing little kids with cute knitted hats, and I have a son who looks very cute wearing them. I've knitted hats for him every winter, and thought that I'd continue as long as he enjoys wearing them.

Then it hit me.

It's been pretty cold in the morning, and I put his favorite hat that I knitted for him last winter before leaving to school. Then he said:

"But what if my friends see it?"

Oh gosh. His cute knitted hats days are over. Already. Not even the Gryffindor hat didn't sway him.

Bye bye Mitch's favorite green hat (sniff).

My last business trip of the year is next week, to Toronto, and the only things I'm looking forward to about this trip are to wear my Crosspatch hat and have a long knitting time on the flight. It was a crazy week, and I had very little knitting done, so I need to accelerate my Christmas knitting. And whether I look good or bad in it, I do need to wear a warm hat there. No one's going to comment on how bad I look in it, but they'll comment how warm my hat looks. I'm hoping.

It's already been a week, but on last Friday at the Knit Night at Erin's, I had a double-take on Huguette's latest FO.

It's another Crosspatch!

It turned out that Huguette was working on her Crosspatch at the exact same time I was on mine. It does look much smoother than mine, which is lumpy and bumpy -- I'm still not sure if it's because mine is with a handspun or not....Huguette used Cascade. I love the colors too.

I might find a (grown) man's hat pattern and knit one for Charlie -- he has to go to Montreal in January. He's going to need it. Brrrrrrrrr!

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