Wednesday, October 08, 2008

More Than Pink

So I spun some silk hankies. I had an ounce of rose colored hankies from Nancy Finn (Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks), and half-ounce of white/pink from Deep Colors Studio. I spun the Nancy Finn into two bobbins, Deep Colors' into one, and made a three-ply. I didn't much care for the result -- first it was hard to spin, and then the helplessly pink yarn on the bobbin made me wonder why I chose the colors.

But I fulled the yarn in the hot soapy water and smacked it several times on the counter, and now the yarn looks very different.

The left is a three-ply of deep rose alone. Middle is the hemp yarn I spun at the Summer Intensive -- boiled with washing soda. The right is a three-ply with two Nancy Finn and one white/pink silk (I love the tweedy look).

The texture is very different after it's fulled. It feels more pleasant to skin, like a well-worn old shirt. The color is even deeper and subtler now. Made me think of an old ikat kimono. Only if I were a weaver.

Now a long wait begins until I find a perfect little project for them.

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Stefaneener said...

That's pretty inspiring. I have some silk hankies I want to do something with -- but haven't gotten around to it yet. I am scared I'm going to ruin them or make yarn I despise.

Maybe I should just give it a go.