Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blue Citrus and The Story of My First Bike

I have one sleeve done on the Citrus York Pullover.

The yarn is Misti Cotton, pima cotton 83%, silk 17%. It's so soft to the touch and I love it, but it "sheds" somewhat, and I keep wiping my face to remove the fine flyaways that tickle my nose while I knit. This is a top-down sweater, so yes I did try it on. It fits -- although I wish I had made it a tad larger. Will post a photo on me as soon as I'm done with the other sleeve.

On the completely un-fiber related topic -- At last weekend's Knit Night, Erin gave me a bike she no longer uses, and I now am a proud owner of a bicycle! This is the very first bike I've ever owned in my life. Do you think that's strange? I grew up poor, and had owned very little in the way of toys, clothes, books and everything else that a child would have in a "normal" childhood. As a result I never had a bike growing up, and as a result of that I never learned how to ride a bike until I was in high school. I think I've ridden a bike fewer than ten times in my whole life.

Last Sunday I got myself a pretty red helmet, and went on a ride all by myself around the block. What an adventure, and how exhilarating! I am going to be a late-blooming cyclist for sure. A conversation between my son and me last Sunday;
Me: I'm going on a test ride around the block.
Mitch: I'm gonna come wif (with) you.
Me: Oh, next time. I'm not very good yet, and I don't think I can make sure that you are safe. I'm going to be quite busy taking care of myself.
Mitch: I can teach you, Mom.
Soon, it'll be the case for almost everything. Even now, he teaches me how to sing "Flying Purple People Eater" song.

I went to a Knit Night and came home with a bike! Thank you Erin! I might get a bike trainer (not training wheels, mind you!) so I can knit while I pedal away in the garage :-)


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Oh, I'm so glad that you like it and that it will now get some use!! Now we need to see a picture of you riding it!

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